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Your client can deliver it to doctors through inforMedGO, Salesforce, QR codes, or any 3rd party tool.

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Track the aggregated data for every deal. You will receive an email alert if limits are being reached.

*We take GDPR & data safety seriously. Only each individual client gets to see which clinician's have read their specific content.


Your client can see all the details of RTR-activity for each reader in their own account, potentially linked to Salesforce.

We are software as a service.

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, our response time for queries and dealing with all unusual demands from clients.

At we have over 45 years management experience in the lifescience and medical publishing industries. Many of our publishers trust us to deal directly with their lifescience clients, improving and helping them to close deals faster.

Build your mailing lists with just a few clicks and select the right articles for each client.

Email all the relevant articles to product managers safely from Salesforece or other CRM. Library

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From our experience in medical publishing, engaged clients are far more receptive to discuss articles they have read when you can start talking directly about page 5, the graph, the abstract or any other thing you can see they've read.

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