The inforMed Library

The inforMed Library hosts all your content which can be distributed to clinicians.
It tracks every interaction with each clinician using advanced AI, showing the Path to Prescription.

  • Articles

  • Web pages

  • EBooks


  • Video

  • Combinations

Predictor AI

Each Library comes with its own AI.
This predicts which content is most likely to trigger an interaction, based on previous reading behaviour, enabling your team to select the most appropriate new content.

Predictor AI+

The AI can be personalised to your campaign.

Understanding which content prompted other doctors to start prescribing provides a clear path to prescription, saving valuable time and cutting out ineffective content.

Clinicians access your content through any browser. They can build their own library using our Docintel apps
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Learning from the
‘Read-Through-Rate activity' (RTR-activity) tracks all your content, including webpages.

RTR analyses how long each doctor spends reading each page and which are ignored, providing valuable insights for your sales & marketing team.
It's fully privacy & GDPR compliant

  • Watched fully


  • Read chapter 8


  • Read statement
    on trial


  • Read pages
    1-5 & 8


Get your team
started quickly! is compatible with Salesforce and can be set up in under a month. Letting your team gain the power of prediction.

  • January

    Build your

  • February


  • Gathering data with the Predictor AI

    No change for reps,
    just informed intelligence

  • November Faster Prescriptions

    AI Predictor+ upgrade.
    Or continue with AI Predictor

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